Dr Chandra can help with three important areas of cardiac health that are often interlinked:

1. Risk management & prevention
Preventing heart disease before it occurs is the best intervention any Cardiologist can provide and Dr Chandra is a firm believer in this strategy. If you are an active person and are curious about your heart health or you are worried you may be at risk of heart disease please get in touch. Dr Chandra will perform an individualised risk assessment and create a tailored management plan for you.
There are some risk factors for heart disease that are beyond our control, such as ethnicity, gender and family history. However, there are many risk factors that we can evaluate, manage and improve together to minimise your individual risk. This includes assessment for high blood pressure, raised cholesterol and diabetes. Dr Chandra will also explore your mental health and well-being, diet and weight, and smoking and alcohol status to help you do as much for yourself as possible to maintain healthy lifestyle habits that will improve your health in general.

2. Investigation of symptoms
There are a number of important symptoms that warn us of the need for further evaluation for heart disease and these can vary from one person to the next. Common symptoms raising the possibility of heart disease include palpitations, dizziness & blackouts, chest pain, shortness of breath and fatigue. Click here for more information about these symptoms and what they mean.
Investigating the significance of these symptoms starts with a careful clinical history (with review of any relevant past medical history, medication history, family history and social history) and physical examination. Simple bedside tests (e.g. blood tests, 12-lead electrocardiogram) and more detailed diagnostics (e.g. echocardiography, CT coronary angiography) are also required to help reach a definitive diagnosis. Click here for more information about the diagnostic tests that may be performed.

3. Treatment of newly diagnosed or existing heart conditions
If you are diagnosed with a heart condition or have existing heart problems please do not worry. Optimal treatment for any heart condition is multi-faceted and requires a tailored approach to match your individual needs. Click here for more information on the treatment options that may be required to improve your heart health.
Most people will benefit from lifestyle advice with a focus on mental health, well-being, diet and exercise changes that will be beneficial moving forward. Some individuals require specific treatment with medications and tablets either to minimise risk or to protect the heart. A few patients will require invasive therapy to correct heart abnormalities (e.g. coronary angioplasty, pacemaker implantation, heart valve procedures) and Dr Chandra will be able to perform this with precision and safety.

Whether you are seeking heart disease risk assessment, have symptoms of heart disease or have a known heart condition, Dr Chandra is here to help. Contact us for information.